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Sir William Thornhill thwarted their infamous purpose. Skeleton Sam , a smuggler. Sketchley Arthur , George Rose, author of Mrs. Brown her observations on men and objects, politics and manners, etc.

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Skettles Sir Barnet , of Fulham. He expressed his importance by an antique gold snuff-box and a silk handkerchief. His hobby was to extend his acquaintances, and to introduce people to each other. Skettles, junior, was a pupil of Dr. Dickens, Dombey and Son It consisted of a broad iron hoop, in two parts, jointed with a hinge. The victim was put into the hoop, which was then squeezed close and locked. Here he remained for about an hour and a half in the most inexpressible torture. Skewton The Hon. Skewton was the sister of the late Lord Feenix, and aunt to the present lord.

Dickens, Great Expectations Skimpole Harold , an amateur artist, always sponging on his friends. Under a plausible, light-hearted manner he was intensely selfish, but Mr. Jarndyce looked on him as a mere child, and believed in him implicitly. Dickens, Bleak House The original of this character was Leigh Hunt, who was greatly displeased at the skit.

Skin The Man without a , Richard Cumberland. So called by Garrick, on account of his painful sensitiveness of all criticism. Skofnung , the sword of King Rolf, the Norway hero, preserved for centuries in Iceland. Skreigh Mr. Skulls at Banquets. Skurliewhitter Andrew , the scrivener. Scott, Fortunes of Nigel time, James I. Slackbridge is an ill-conditioned fellow, ill-made, with lowering eyebrows, and though inferior to many of the others, exercises over them a great influence. He is the orator, who stirs up his fellow-workmen to strike.

Dickens, Hard Times Slammerkin Mrs. Slang , from Slangenberg, a Dutch general, noted for his abusive and exaggerated epithets when he reproved the men under his command. Slango , a lad, servant of Gaylove, a young barrister. He dresses up as a woman, and when Squire Sapskull comes from Yorkshire for a wife, Slango passes himself off as Arbella.

In the mean time, Gaylove assumes the airs and manners of a Yorkshire tike, and marries Arbella, with whom he is in love. In the Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy by Sterne , Slawken-Bergius is referred to as a great authority on all lore connected with noses, and a curious tale is introduced from his hypothetical works about a man with an enormously long nose.

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No nose can be justly amputated by the public, not even the nose of Slawken-Bergius himself. Greatheart slew him, and rescued Feeblemind from his grasp in a duel. Sleary , proprietor of the circus at Coketown. A stout man with one eye fixed and one loose, a voice like the efforts of a broken pair of bellows, a flabby skin, and muddled head. He was never sober and never drunk, but always kind-hearted.

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Tom Gradgrind, after robbing the bank, lay concealed in this circus as a black servant till Sleary connived at his escape. This Sleary did in gratitude to Thomas Gradgrind, Esq. Josephine Sleary , daughter of the circus proprietor, a pretty girl of 18, who had been tied on a horse at two years old, and had made a will at This will she carried about with her, and in it she signified her desire to be drawn to the grave by two piebald ponies.

Josephine married E. Sleeper The. Almost all nations have a tradition about some sleeper who will wake after a long period of dormancy. American North. American South. Sebastian I. Arabian Legends. Nourjahad is only in a temporary sleep, waiting the fulness of time. British Traditions. King Arthur is not dead in Avillon, but is merely metamorphosed into a raven.

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In due time he will awake, resume his proper person, claim the throne of Britain, and make it the head and front of all the kingdoms of the globe. Gyneth slept years by the enchantment of Merlin. Scott, Bridal of Triermain David was thrown into an enchanted sleep by Ormandine, but after sleeping for seven years, was awoke by Merlin. French Legend. The French slain in the Sicilian Vespers are not really dead, but they sleep for the time being, awaiting the day of retribution.

German Legends. The beard of the red king has already grown through the table slab at which he is sitting, but it must wind itself three times round the table before his second event. Sleep on. Charlemagne is not dead, but only asleep in Untersberg, near Saltzburg, waiting for the advent of Antichrist, when he will rouse from his slumber, go forth conquering, and will deliver Christendom that it may be fit for the second advent and personal reign of Christ.

Charles V.

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Knez Lazar , of Servia, supposed to have been slain by the Turks in , is not really dead, but has put on sleep for a while, and at an allotted moment he will re-appear in his full strength. Grecian Legends. In the British Museum is an exquisite statue of Endymion asleep. Irish Traditions. Every seventh year he re-appears in full armor, rides round the lake early in the morning, and will ultimately reappear and claim the family estates.

Scott, Fortunes of Nigel. Jewish Legend.

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Russian Tradition. There he sleeps, waiting patiently the summons which will be given him, when he will awake, and wave his conquering sword to the terror of the Muscovite. Scandinavian Tradition. Being overthrown by Swolde, king of Sweden A. Scottish Tradition. Thomas of Erceldoune sleeps beneath the Eildon Hills, in Scotland. One day an elfin lady led him into a cavern in these hills, and he fell asleep for seven years, when he revisited the upper earth, under a bond that he would return immediately the elfin lady summoned him.

One day, as he was making merry with his friends, he heard the summons, kept his word, and has never since been seen. Scott, Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border.

Spanish Tradition. Bobadil el Chico , last of the Moorish kings of Granada, lies spell-bound near the Alhambra, but in the day appointed he will return to earth and restore the Moorish government in Spain. Swiss Legend.

Sleeper Awakened The. Abou Hassan, the son of a rich merchant at Bagdad, inherited a good fortune; but, being a prudent man, made a vow to divide it into two parts: all that came to him from rents he determined to set apart, but all that was of the nature of cash he resolved to spend on pleasure. In the course of a year he ran through this fund, and then made a resolve in future to ask only one guest at a time to his board. This guest was to be a stranger, and never to be asked a second time.

When he woke he could not decide if he had been in a dream or not, but his conduct was so strange that he was taken to a mad-house.