Empath (Book 1 of the Empath Trilogy)

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Rather than embracing her empathy, Catilen has attempted to reject it. Rather than a gift she uses to help others, she regards it as a curse. She has learned how to contain it, so that she can live with it, while hoping to conceal it from the rest of the world. Personally, the stories I find most interesting and compelling focus on a personal journey, one where the character has to discover the truth about themselves, or accept it, before they can fulfill their quest or desire.

Character Introduction: The Empath

After all, she often deals with the emotions of others on top of her own. The first was her perception of the emotional states of others. First she must identify the source as external. Then she must decide a course of action; whether she will try to help its owner through the situation, or try to block it and go on with her day. The farther she travels on her journey, the more she must stretch her secondary senses and the more complex her interaction with that ability becomes.

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It certainly made some of her perspectives unique. It was a chance to stretch my writing muscles and I consider it a successful experiment. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Pingback: Dear empath living in the wake or vicinity, of a narcissist … A not-so-perfect Perfectionist.

I can see that my daughter is definitely an empath. I am so depressed and cry all the time. My kids are suffering because of my mental state. Their father is very needy and demanding also. He takes a lot out on his little sister which breaks my heart because she deeply loves us all.

Does anyone know what I need to do? Hi Fiona Your story struck a cord. I have been where you are and I believe you can get out of it. A year and half ago I had had enough of always being riddle with anxiety, being overwhelmed, and feeling emotionally all over the place that I decided I was going to fix it. For some reason I was drawn to go see a clairvoyant which I had never done before and when I meet with her she told me I was an Empath and taught me how to ground myself.

It was a total game changer for me. It sounds like you are in the thick of things right now and it is not easy being a mother of young ones who are naturally demanding.

Its hard with a young family but if you are able to find 20 min even 10mins a day to yourself I would highly recommend starting to mediate and ground yourself. I think once you are able to take back yourself and your emotions you will be able to look at the situation more clearly and be able to take on what you need to. Its been about a year for me and by no means did it happen over night and it has been a work in progress with its ups and downs but I will say I have noticed a huge difference in my family.

Hang in there and best of luck! Thanks for all your replies everyone. Just reading all this has helped so much to see there are others out there like me! I have found it is a lonely journey being what i now know to be an Empath! Auric vampires they are called and we attract them like moths to a flame,and it is so hard for us Empaths to protect ourselves from this happening…we tend to go into isolation that results in loneliness because of this.

The hardest thing i have found is to find an Honest man to share life with! Knowing truth from lies in an instant has been a great burden. My last partner calling me Cynical!

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I am 56 now and am still alone in this world…not having yet found a male partner who represents truth and honesty as we Empaths do…i think it is the only way we can have a balanced and happy relationship. I look forward to the day hopefully when i meet someone that does not become an issue with. Nice to know who and what i am now that makes me unique! Still learning how to ground and protect myself…the last relationship with an auric vampire nearly destroyed my body and my soul. So afraid of that happening again to me…being an Empath makes us sooooooo vulnerable.

Not sure i like it much but it is what it is and i am learning to embrace it now that iknow! This is an awesome awakening and a relief. Are there any support groups for empaths. I can sure use one. Find that good in each day….. I have found the answers to puzzles of human nature through the study of Human Design.

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It has allowed for so much compassion. Reblogged this on Learn.

Reblogged this on Energetic Mastery and commented: This is too important to miss. Definitely one of the best descriptions of what it is to be an empath. Think you might be empathic? This is a must-read. It seems that no one has written n her for a while.. I also wanted to ask,how to deal with feeling lonely,thanks again for the article:. I also have dreams about someone dying but I had realize that the person I was dreaming about was the one coming to tell me some else was dying with the equal amount of closeness. For example i would dream that my dad was dying, but in fact he was telling me my father in law had past.

I get an awful burning sensation feeling in my nose. I also have lucid dreams, see and talk to spirits but this does not happen as much as my empath does. This at times get very over whelming and my anxiety gets high. I hope this helps! Try meditation, long soaks in bath or walking etc. Thank You.

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Just Thank You. Read traits that I recall experiencing even from childhood, never ever realized. My tears flow over because now there is an explanation for why I feel so different.

I am so unbelievably grateful for this! I can hardly breathe! I am crying uncontrollably. I cannot believe what I am reading! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My mom gave us a used toddler bed she picked up and we decided to set it up tonight. I said do you want daddy to take it outside? Do you have any advice on a child empath? How can we help her? Any in site, recommendations or such are appreciated. Thank you for your time! Hello Dear… It sounds as if your daughter is very empathic. And very aware for her age.

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If that makes sense? I will tell you that both of my kids are empathic and they are 7 years apart. No stranger or family member could fool them at any age. I could not take them anywhere. When they were home with me they were very content. They were just very observant and sensitive. I will tell you that showing your daughter you trust and believe her as she gets older and educating her on her gifts will be extremely helpful for all of your family. Just hoping to be helpful…Bless you and your family.. But everywhere I look — researching empath tendencies, coping mechanisms, etc.

I can be outgoing and gregarious, comfortable in front of a lot of people. Any semi-empaths? I believe that analyzing, understanding, demystifying ourselves is very important in order to have harmonious relationships with others and the world in general. Have to have patience. Hello William.